Scripts for generating bib files (and the bib files) of RFCs and Internet-Drafts

I have uploaded to my github account two python scripts to parse the list of the Request For Comments (RFCs) and Internet-Drafts (I-Ds) into a bib file, in order to reference easily RFCs and I-Ds using BibTex-compatible software. The output bib files can be generated with two different formats: one recommended format for IEEE magazines and one recommended format according to an already obsolete Internet-Draft draft-carpenter-rfc-citation-recs-01.txt.

The scripts and their usage explanation is detailed in my github account.

However, if you only want recent bib files of RFCs and I-Ds and not the scripts to generate them, you can download updated bib files from These bib files are generated automatically the 1th and 15th of every month. Even, there is an archive for I-Ds in order to allow the search for obsolete I-Ds.

Happy LaTeX-ing!!